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General/cosmetic dentistry, dentures and implants at affordable prices.


Exams & Cleanings


Scheduling your exams and cleanings EVERY 6 MONTHS is key to preventing the spread of cavities, gum disease, and other detrimental dental issues.  Being proactive can allow us to treat any issues that arise with more conservative, less costly treatments.  Call to schedule your exam and cleaning today!



Whether you're wanting to replace those old, unsightly silver colored fillings or having cavities filled, restoring your teeth to health and beauty can be a quick and painless appointment.



A beautiful smile goes a long way, so if you're ready to make look its best, crowns or veneers may be just what you need.   Call us to schedule your consult!

Endodontic Treatment


A painful tooth that is keeping you up at night often signifies a need for a root canal.  This treatment removes the nerve from the tooth so it won't hurt anymore.  Usually, this procedure is as comfortable as getting a simple filling. 

Partials & Dentures


Replacing missing teeth is imperative, not only to your dental health but your overall health.  Missing teeth can make it difficult to eat certain foods, leading to malnutrition. They can also cause your remaining teeth to shift or become loose.  Schedule an appointment to find out how we can  restore you to a healthy bite and a beautiful smile with partials or  complete dentures!

Extractions & Dental Implants


When teeth cannot be saved, replacing them with implants is the ideal choice.  Implants are also a great way for denture wearers to secure their dentures to provide stability and security to give you the confidence to you deserve when wearing your dentures in social settings.